...and the star decided to give warmth and light to the whole universe, and so she became the Sun...

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zakisaphotographer asked: Digging your writings. Curious of your opinion. Are we ever actually doing anything; deciding anything? Or, as an awareness, are we sensing our egos reacting to what they see our physical selves doing based upon the decisions life makes for us, outside of our control, and aligning their supposed "choices" to match what they see? Is bringing a full, undiluted awareness to reality the only thing that we can ever actually "do" or can we make a decision?


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As awareness we are not doing anything or deciding anything. Awareness simply is. It doesn’t do, decide, walk, talk, judge, believe. Awareness is.

Ego reacts to the decisions life makes. Ego’s reactions are also decisions life makes. Nothing is separate from life. Ego is a part of life. Nothing is outside of life.

Some noise might be going on outside of your window. You choose to close the window and you do so. 

The noise, the thought “I will close my window” and the act of closing your window all arise from the same place. They all arise out of life. These phenomena are all decisions life makes.

It’s not that ego aligns itself to match what it sees. If there was no choice made by the ego to close the window it probably wouldn’t get closed. Ego is not just a sort of running commentary on a predestined life experience. Ego does not exist outside of life as a mere commentator. Ego is a part of life.

Life calls all the shots, including the thoughts that arise in your awareness and including the choices you appear to make.

There is no true autonomy. Everything is dependent on everything else. Ego does not have any true power to exert upon life.

This can hurt the ego. The nice thing is that you are not the ego. You are the awareness. You are the source of all life. From that source arises a perfect intelligence that governs everything. It’s all unfolding on its own, perfectly. In order to trust this perfect intelligence and to come into alignment with it, you must see that it is not just calling the shots in life outside of you perfectly, it is also calling all of the shots inside of you perfectly.

When you have a thought, it was caused by the perfect intelligence. When you decide to bring full, undiluted awareness to reality, it was caused by the perfect intelligence.

Don’t be cheap and use this as a free pass for the ego. This doesn’t mean that you justify your unconsciousness by saying “It’s all run by life.” or “I have no control”. That type of behavior will be based on belief and not experience. Belief is cheap. Experience for yourself.

Challenge what I am saying. Find out for yourself about whether you have control or not. From that point, you’ll come to see how it all works.

If you feel you have control, use it to find out whether you really have control or you don’t. Either way, life will go on.

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No person is free.
No person can be free.
There is only Freedom.
And you are That.

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LOL :D I’ll do hahah
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LOL :D I’ll do hahah

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